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OnTop Entertainment Inc. Home to artists arthurkill and prince culture

Prince Culture

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ontop entertainment inc. home to artists arthurkill and prince culture
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Prince Culture

HipHop Breakout star Prince Culture is an artist who believes that HIpHop is an art form, not just something for a casual listen. He lives and breathes HipHop culture and doesn't go a day without writing about something he's seen or experienced on the streets of his hometown of Brooklyn, New York. 

OnTop's up and coming star continues to add great tracks to his collection.  Give a listen to experience Prince Culture like so many of our diehard, loyal HipHop listeners.

PC, as we call him here, will be releasing his new album this summer 2014 and we will have the first singles dropping soon, so stay with us.

If you want more PC click on the Black U.N. tab and check out PC and his partner, Lord, doing their thing and dropping some knowledge on all of us.